Gas spillage detector

The 317-1 gas spillage detector, reliably detects leaking flue gas from heating systems. Flue gas escaping from a burner is caused by equipment failure and is an indicator of CO in the living space.
The 317-1 quickly and efficiently detects escaping flue gases directly from the source and provides immediate visual and audible alarms. The flexible probe also enables use even in the tightest spaces


Gas leak detector with optical trend display

The 317-2 easily checks for leaks on gas pipe connections, and provides indication of leaks with a visual bar display. The bar-style display shows gas concentration levels in an easy-to-read, clear format. The unit’s sensor conducts a self-test after turning on and an audible alarm confirms the instrument is ready for use.

If the alarm sounds and continues to increase in volume, potentially unsafe gas concentrations are being reached. A continuous alarm will sound when the threshold has been exceeded.


Ambient CO meter

The testo 317-3 CO monitor provides fast and easy ambient carbon monoxide testing. This low cost, ambient CO air quality tester measures and displays CO from 0 – 1999 PPM and gives warnings of excessive levels with adjustable audible and visual alarms.

Additional features include: HOLD and MAX settings and an exclusive self-check mode that verifies the CO sensor response in seconds. This pocket-sized CO meter weighs only 9 ounces and can also be ordered in a kit that includes the meter, a soft case (with belt loop), earphone, and wrist strap.