In April of 2017, Emerson began to transition unloader valve kits from an old supplier to a new supplier. During the design phase two critical features were missed after unloader kits from the new supplier were shipped to Wholesalers. 1) The unloader valve body increased by 1/8” in height. Refer to Figure 1. This increase in height makes some of the current studs too short for the new unloader valve installation. New stud lengths are in the process of being released to correct this issue for 4D/6D DII & 4R/6R unloader valves. This issue does not impact 3D & Copeland Discus™ III unloader valve installations. Refer to Table 1 for length comparisons. 2) The new coils were designed without a conduit connection which is required for UL approval on voltages greater than 24 volts. Refer to Figure 2. Emerson has a limited number of current coils with a conduit connector. We are working on an interim solution of adding a bracket to the new coils that will allow a conduit connection. The missing coil conduit connection affects all new unloader valve and coils assemblies including those in unloader valve & coil kits and capacity conversion control kits. The lead-time for coil modification is approximately 4 weeks. Once new studs are available, Emerson will ship studs to Wholesalers to the correct 4D/6D DII & 4R/6R unloader valve assembly kits at no cost. Once the coil modification is approved, Emerson will ship conduit adapter brackets to attach to the new valve/coil assemblies that some Wholesalers may have received.

Emerson requires collaboration with all Wholesalers at this crucial time to ensure we take care of contractors’ immediate requirements. Emerson has placed all unloader valve kits on quality hold and no orders will be shipped until an acceptable solution is in place. We need Wholesalers who have received unloader kits containing new valves to quarantine those kits immediately. Refer to Table 2 for kit part numbers and valve part numbers. As a short-term solution, Emerson recommends Wholesalers use current unloader valves in place of the new unloader valves until a viable solution is in place. In the event the Wholesaler has no current unloader valves in stock for a contractor, contact Felicia Hankins at for assistance with immediate unloader valve requirements. Emerson has a limited supply of current valves to help contractors with immediate installation requirements. We are working on a long-term solution and will update you with any new developments. Your cooperation during this transition is very much appreciated.