NTI Boiler’s has discovered an issue with the secureness of a grommet seal that holds the flue temperature sensor located inside selected Tft boilers. This grommet seal comes preinstalled in a vendor’s component and is not a part of the NTI assembly process.


Of the 24,000 Tft boilers installed at this point in time, we have only 3 reports of seal failure, none of which resulted in any injury or property damage. In each of these cases, the boilers were exposed to extreme operating conditions.


To absolutely protect all of our customers, regardless of installation irregularities, we have advised Health Canada and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the situation and we are initiating a voluntary recall as a precautionary measure by issuing a mandatory upgrade on the following Trinity Fire Tube (Tft) boilers manufactured between October 7, 2011 and January 24, 2018:

Serial number range of affected units: 1000 to 115541

Note: The Tft154 (UPC: 628233731081) is not included in this recall!


Model                                 UPC

Tft60                                628233731005

Tft85                                628233731036

Tft110                              628233731067

Tft155                              628233731098

Tft175                              628233731128

Tft200                             628233731159

Tft250                             628233731180

Tft300                             628233731210

Tft340                             628233733467

Tft399                             628233731241


Corrective action – NTI has developed an Upgrade Kit (part no. 86118), designed to be fieldinstalled on all affected Tft boilers. The upgrade takes approximately 15 minutes and does not require disconnecting any water or gas piping. NTI is providing reimbursement forms (inside each Kit), for direct reimbursement to the contractors for the upgrade, and additionally for the return of the removed components.

• Immediately contact the wholesaler that you purchased the affected Tft boilers from, and obtain the required number of Upgrade Kits (part no. 86118) for your customers, or contact NTI directly at 1-800-688-2575. For further recall information, visit https://www.ntiboilers.com/recall.html
• NTI is directly reimbursing you $120 for the service call, and an additional $20 when the removed grommet and plug are returned to NTI for inspection.
• Reimbursement forms can be easily submitted online at www.ntiboilers.com to expedite payment.

• Immediately contact the installing contractor which you purchased the affected Tft boilers from, and schedule an immediate upgrade of your boiler.
• Every dwelling which has a gas-fired appliance should, by code or by good practice, have a functional carbon monoxide detector. If you do not have a functional carbon monoxide detector, immediately discontinue the use of the Tft boiler until the upgrade is complete, or obtain a carbon monoxide detector and install it in the area where the boiler is operating.