Honeywell is excited to announce the launch of two new lines of pressure sensors (P7650 and P7635) and a new line of current sensors and switches!


The pressure sensors offer enhanced features and directly replace our P7640 pressure sensor. The easy to install current sensors will replace our existing line of current sensors.


New P7650 Low Differential Air Pressure Sensors
Same quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from our P7640 sensors, the P7650s still
offer selectable pressure range and selectable Vdc or mA output, optional display, and
optional duct probe.

New Features of the P7650 include:
• Exact one-for-one replacement of the popular P7640 pressure sensors
• Smaller design, smaller footprint, for fitting into smaller spaces.
• Capable of measuring air velocity (and therefore airflow cfm) with the P7650L velocity pick-up tubes
• 5-year warranty


New P7635 Low Differential Air Pressure Sensors
If you don’t need all of the features and flexibility of the P7650, choose the P7635.

Features of the P7635 include:
• Fixed pressure range, fixed signal output, best option when you know what you need.
• No switching or configuration involved, just choose the right sensor, wire up and go.
• Zero calibration capable with zero button on front of device.
• 5-year warranty!

New CP-, CS- Current Switches and CTS-, CTP- Current Sensors
These new split and solid core current switches and sensors are a direct replacement for our existing line of current
sensors and switches.

Features of the new current sensors and switches include:
• Standardized design footprint on the entire offering, easy to install, no surprises
• Split-core models feature easy to open latch
• LED’s give you visual feedback, quick and easy to monitor equipment status.
• Both fixed and adjustable current ranges are offered, eliminating some of the guesswork.
• 5-year warranty!