“Radius Marketing” through SmartLeads, USA is a fantastic way to specifically market to customers around the area you just did an installation or service work.

The postcards are full color, double-sided, have competitive coupons, and are mailed to the 50 homeowners surrounding the area you just did an installation or service work. Plus, since you are a Rogers Supply customer, you get a discount on your design and mailings AND you can submit the cost for Coop reimbursement!

All you have to do is sign up! Once a job starts, send them your job site address and a 6 x 11 Oversized Postcard will be sent the 50 closest households within that address. Every card is personalized and can even mention the variable street name or address of your most recent job. Once you choose your template, send them your logo and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

• Monthly fee of $9.95 is covered by Rogers Supply Company (no cost to you!)

• One time set-up fee to customize and activate your postcard $100 (normally $250)

• Each 50-piece campaign is just $44.50 including printing, mailing list and postage for a 6 x 11 Oversized Postcard.

• PLUS!!!!  The entire campaign cost can be submitted for Coop reimbursement!

Your Rogers Supply Company personal concierge Kristina Cohn can be reached at 1-888-795-6245 ext. 33 M-F, 9-5 EST.



And here’s another great opportunity!!!!!

Smartleads also has a program called “Life-Cycle Mailing”. It’s a way for your to stay connected to your customers throughout the entire year…AUTOMATICALLY! Thank you letters, tune-up Reminders, IAQ offerings, service contracts, holiday cards, etc.

So you sell a new HVAC unit for example, and think it’s now time to move on to the next customer. The irony is that the customer you just left, may be more productive over the next several years than going to hunt for a new one! With Life-Cycle Mailings, SmartLeads sets up several flights (series of mailings over the next 12 months) that your customer will receive. If you don’t have a service contract with them, it might be “weighted” toward service contract messaging, like some IAQ products, etc.

You can dictate the yearly schedule of events, most have 6-9 in a year that include a Thank You letter, Spring and Fall Service reminders, 1-2 IAQ offerings, 1-2 Service Contract offerings, a Holiday card, and a 12 Month Anniversary of Installation card. Once you enter your customer’s name and address, you simply pick from the flights they’ve created especially for you and submit! They automate the entire process for as many years as you want!