Daikin North America LLC is pleased to announce a new online consumer rebate finder at www.daikincomfort.com/rebates. Consumers visiting the Daikincomfort.com website will see a header banner image on the homepage, rotating with other banner images, encouraging them to look for rebates. There are many other ways to find rebates while browsing the Daikin website. From the main menu, at the top of each page, “Rebates & Special Offers” is found under “Buyer’s Guide.” When reviewing by product, prominent “View Rebates” tabs are available for each product.

Consumers are often unaware of the local and national rebates available or how to locate rebates. Rebates are not brand specific and are written based on product application and performance specifications. In most cases, it would be very difficult for a consumer to understand the rebate’s product specifications and match it with a specific Daikin product. The new Rebate Center does the work for the consumer. There is a separate Rebate Center page for USA and Canada with tabs on both pages to toggle back and forth. By simply entering a zip/postal code for USA, the Rebate Center provides a complete list of Daikin product rebates available. For Canada, consumers can enter their province and the Rebate Center will provide all available rebate information and required forms.

Take the opportunity to look up rebates for your customers. If you can tell your customer they will get $600 back in rebates…don’t you think that will help you sell more? Of course it will! Don’t miss out on this money making opportunity!