Goodman, Amana, and Daikin Service Bulletin

They have identified an issue with certain White Rodgers furnace ignition controls failing and reporting a 1 or 5 flash error code on non-communicating furnaces or an E4 error code on communicating furnaces. These controls are used in all single stage, two stage and communicating models. Modulating and Hybrid furnaces are not affected.

The flash code descriptions are: 5 flash (PCBBF134/136/140), flame sensed without gas valve and 1 flash (PCBBF139), flame sensed when no flame should be present and E4 (PCBKF105) flame sensed when no flame should be present. This is being caused by a component failure in the flame sense circuit and prevents the furnace from being reset.

The White Rodgers furnace ignition controls affected are; PCB Part #’s PCBBF107/107S, PCBBF124S, PCBBF134/134S, PCBBF136/136S, PCBBF139/139S/139SK, PCBBF140/140S and PCBKF105/105S with a date code of 1734 through 1743 as circled in the picture in figure 1. Boards with a date code of 1733 and prior, or 1744 and later, are not affected.

Figure 1


The model prefixes that used these control boards are:

Control boards with the suspect date codes were used in furnaces as listed above produced in September and October. The furnace serial number prefixes affected are 1709xxxxxx and 1710xxxxxx. Note, not all of the furnaces produced in this serial range will have control boards in the suspect range.

For the Communicating Models, the vast majority of 1709 serial number prefixes were produced with boards prior to the affected date range.

We are requesting that all service inventory of the furnace control boards listed above be inspected to determine if the date code falls within the suspect range and that those boards be quarantined and returned to Goodman for credit. Contact your Goodman CSR for RMA requests. The date code can be found on the box label as shown on below or on the label on the board

We are also asking that the furnace models listed above be inspected and if the control board date code is between 1734 and 1743 that these units also be quarantined. Furnaces can be repaired with a replacement board not in the affected date range or returned for credit. Contact your Goodman CSR for RMA requests. Your Goodman CSR can also provide a list of furnace serial numbers with the affected boards to assist in inspecting inventory. This will eliminate the need to open the furnace and check the label on the board.

The furnace models listed above shipped after October 31, 2017 have been inspected and are not affected, these units can be identified by the Green dot on the traveler label.

The ignition control part numbers listed above shipped after October 31, 2017 with a date code on the box or on the control of 1733 and prior or 1744 and later are not affected. Any controls you have in the affected date range may be returned for credit, contact your CSR if returning these controls.

For units that have been installed Goodman will pay “Class A” labor for replacement of the control board part numbers within the date code range listed above on products with serial number prefixes of 1709 and 1710.

We are expecting all boards listed above within the affected date code range will require replacement.

Claims for installed units must be filed on Warranty Express as an Authorization type claim, using Authorization Code number 8772. The claim for the part and labor should be filed as one claim, using the Dealer’s account number.

Please consult the Warranty Department if you need assistance with this process. The claim will be paid upon review by the Warranty Department. Warranty Claims will be approved for equipment that is still covered under the terms of Standard Warranty. All claims for this project must be submitted by December 31, 2018.

Please contact Technical Services at if you have any questions.


November 29, 2017 Update

The failure described above is due to a transistor in the flame sensing circuit. Additional investigation has found that during the affected date range as described above there were two transistor suppliers used. Supplier “A” is not affected by the flame sensing issue described above while supplier “B” is expected to have a 100% failure rate.

Regarding installed units, our testing has shown that boards with supplier “B” transistor fail rather quickly and if the furnace has operated for approximately 1 month (assuming at least one cycle per hour) then this board likely has supplier “A’s” transistor and will not be affected by this issue. If this is the case, we do not recommend changing the board. While we cannot determine all of the serial numbers of the units with supplier “A” transistors, this may constitute a large percentage of the units already installed.

However, for some units we are able to identify serial numbers that are not affected. In these cases the unit and board may be in the date ranges described above but the boards have supplier “A” transistor installed and as such are unaffected. These boards are marked with a green dot or stripe as shown in the two pictures on the right. In addition, some units with good transistors were shipped prior to the original service bulletin and in these cases distribution has been provided with a list of serial numbers that do not require a board change. These units will not have the green mark on the label. If you need a copy of this list contact your Goodman CSR.

There were a small number of communicating furnaces released with PCBKF105 boards and 1744 date code boards that also contained the bad transistor. Your Goodman CSR has already provided a list of these serial numbers that were shipped to your location.

You should check your service parts inventory of PCBKF105S boards and if any are found with date codes between 1734 and 1744 you should contact your CSR for a return authorization.