FocusPRO® 5000 & 6000 Model Obsolescence Announcement


The following FocusPRO thermostats have reached the end of life, and we are going to be transitioning to the replacement parts. Below you will find functional and Wi-Fi replacements for the impacted SKUs.

We’ve officially depleted inventory of the Wi-Fi FocusPRO (TH6320WF1005) and are moving this to obsolescence. This part will no longer be orderable effective Friday, December 15, 2017.



TH6320WF1005              TH6320WF2003                         TH6320WF2003                          12/15/17

TH6320U1000                 Th6320U2008                            Th6320WF2003*                          Q3 2018

TH5320U1001                 Th6320U2008                              Th6320WF2003*                         Q3 2018

TH6220D1028                 TH6220U2000                            TH6220WF2000*                        Q3 2018

TH6220D1002                  TH6220U2000                           TH6220WF2000*                        Q3 2018

TH5220D1029                   TH6220U2000                           TH6220WF2000*                      Q3 2018

TH5220D1003                    TH6220U2000                           TH6220WF2000*                      Q3 2018

TH6110D1005                      TH4110U2005                            TH6220WF2006*                     Q3 2018

TH6110D1021                     TH4110U2005                              TH6220WF2006*                     Q3 2018

TH5110D1006                       TH4110U2005                            TH6220WF2006*                     Q3 2018

TH5110D1022                        TH4110U2005                           TH6220WF2006*                     Q3 2018

*Common wire is required


Currently, Honeywell’s plan is to obsolete the PRO 3000 and 4000 models in the coming year now that the T4 Pro (Th4110U2005) is available as a functional replacement (in most instances). Dates are subject to change but our current projection is Q4 2018. We will provide more information on this transition.

For more information on the T Series replacement products, please visit