Will R-22 Be Gone Forever? With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phase-out schedule of R-22, you might be worried about its future availability, or concerned about its continue use after January 1, 2020.

Rest assured that the EPA phaseout is solely for production of new R-22 or import of R-22 into the US, it is not a phaseout or ban on the use of R-22. R-22 remains legal to use, is widely available and is the best refrigerant for systems designed to operate with R-22. Need independent proof – check out this EPA brochure detailing the facts

We partner with the largest refrigerant reclaimer in North America, Hudson Technologies, and we are confident in their ability to supply R-22 for decades to come. Reclaimed R-22 supplied by Hudson is certified to AHRI 700, the exact same specification as applies to virgin or new production R-22 refrigerant.

With reclaimed R-22, you can:

• Avoid retrofit expenses
• Maintain the warranty on your system
• Enjoy optimal efficiency
• Reduce service call times

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