As you know, this summer your customers are having their air conditioning systems maintained and buttoned up for winter.  Building managers are also making decisions about the continuing use of their R22 systems.  Some will require additional R22 after servicing, and there are a couple of options available that you may have heard about – Recycled and Reclaimed. 

To explain the difference – 

Recycled refrigerant has been recovered and cleaned using approved equipment. Under EPA regulations , once refrigerant is recycled it may only be used by the same equipment owner and may not be sold or used in another owner’s equipment.

Reclaimed refrigerant has been recovered and processed, tested and certified by an EPA certified reclaimer to meet or exceed the AHRI 700 standards.  Only reclaimed refrigerant that has been certified by an  EPA certified reclaimer may legally be sold for use in another owner’s system.  It’s the highest quality refrigerant and identical to virgin/new production.

We partner with the largest reclaimer in North America, Hudson Technologies. We have you covered for R22 and all of your refrigerant needs.  Contact us to find out more!