Sporlan is pleased to announce that they are replacing Sporlan’s selection program and launching a new web-based selection tool called the Virtual Engineer (VE).

The legacy Sporlan Selection Program was originally created to perform distributor calculations for internal purposes. Over the years, its use expanded to include many of the products Sporlan offers and became the industry standard tool for selecting products in HVAC/R applications.

VE brings the full feature set of the legacy program into a modern platform. It can be used on your desktop, phone, and/or tablet. The web-based aspect of Virtual Engineer means that it will always be at the latest version of the program with updated refrigerants and Sporlan product.

Four important new product lines are included in VE that were not available in the legacy program include our Modulating Three Way (MTW), Sporlan Pulse Width (SPW), Electric Hot Gas Bypass (SDR) valves, and Gas Cooler (GC)/Flash Gas Bypass (FGB) valves. VE also allows CDS valves to be sized as liquid, suction, discharge, or differential pressure regulators.

Effective immediately, the legacy program is obsolete and no longer being maintained. All current and future programming efforts by Sporlan will be focused on Virtual Engineer. Training sessions for Virtual Engineer will be scheduled soon. Each session will have the same content presented. Attendees are welcome to attend multiple sessions. Customer training events will be considered on a case by case basis.

Access the Virtual Engineer website today at: