The HFC Phasedown means that refrigerants including R-410a will be phased down beginning January 1, 2022.

The phasedown schedule calls for a reduction in the production and importation of HFCs as follows;
January 2, 2022 by 10%
January 1, 2024 by 40%
January 1, 2029 by 70%
January 1, 2034 by 80%
January 1, 2035 by 85%

Replacing HFCs will be Low GWP refrigerants, many of which are classified by ASHRAE as A2L (slightly flammable), and A3 (highly flammable). New equipment manufactured to operate with Low GWP Refrigerants will require the HVACR workforce to utilize different tools and adhere to additional SAFETY STANDARDS when installing or changing out older systems and repairing existing systems in the field. When transitioning to new refrigerants, the industry has a long-standing tradition of providing comprehensive safety training to all industry stakeholders. This upcoming transition is no exception.

Every HVACR manufacturer, wholesaler, school, instructor, and contractor exposes themselves to potential liability when proper safety practices are not taught, mandated, and implemented. If an untrained technician is injured as a result of improperly using Low GWP Refrigerants, those involved in their training, or the sale of the refrigerant and/or equipment, are opening themselves up to the possibility of being enjoined in a lawsuit. Proper training consists of more than just offering a course, lecture, or certificate of attendance, it must also include a signed safety certification. 

To help you properly prepare others to safely work with and transport Low GWP Refrigerants, ESCO Institute has developed a comprehensive training program. This program includes a training manual or elearning course, instructor PowerPoint, and a closed-book certification exam. The program can be offered as a formal course, online course, or self-study program, depending on your needs. Complete details on the program, its associated resources, and pricing can be found on page 7 of Esco’s catalog